Monday, November 2, 2009

Not Me Monday!

Happy Monday everyone! I do not feel like I have been run over by an eighteen wheeler...I have just survived a very busy week! I will share some of what has not been going on around here...I am dying to post pictures, too, but will restrain myself since tomorrow's blog hop theme is photos...I'll just have to wait one more day!

On Wednesday I did not babysit Cade for a couple of hours, then bake black cat cookies for the family fun night at church...We did not arrive at church a little before 5:30 for the hayride that was supposed to leave at 5:45. The hayride was not jam packed with 38 people in a small trailer, the mule(vehicle not animal) that pulled the wagon was then loaded with 8 more people, and a cooler of ice! While the over-loaded trailer sat for 30 minutes waiting for the last load of "late-comers" the children did not get rowdy and begin to throw hay! A couple of the rowdiest did not get down in the small foot space and begin to wrestle! Can you say..."where's the paddle?" Yes, I do believe in spanking...and I do believe that a lot of other people should start believing!

Thursday evening was not trick-or-treat night in our town. A group of leaders decided that our town should always trick-or-treat on Tuesday or Thursday evenings, which I think is absurd! My two favorite trick-or-treaters did not arrive back at our house until almost 9 o'clock that evening...they were both not wound up! Madison, who is the only small child on her daddy's side of the family, did not come in with four buckets of various goodies and gifts! Someone needs to hurry and have another child..Madison is on overload...

Madison was not intrigued by Cade dressed as a monkey! She did not follow him all around and keep petting his head...I think she may have been fooled by his outfit! Cade was just happy to get his suit off and get to MiMi's toys...

Friday, I was not hard at work in the kitchen--after I shopped for the necessary groceries! I was not in the kitchen until very late that evening, baking goodies and making punch for the party the next evening.

Saturday was not a busy day, too, the house had to be straightened (thank goodness for a helpful husband), sandwiches and chili had to be made, hot dogs grilled, last minute party decorations put up. Before we knew it, the guests were arriving. You can read about our family costume party on my other blog It also has some pictures of our guests in costume.

Sunday I was not dead tired! Apparently I'd exhausted my supply of energy for the week. Thank goodness the time changed during the night because I slept until after 10 o'clock--old time. I later took a two and a half hour nap, also.

This week is not starting out one bit slower! I am off to the city at noon for a consultation with a surgeon about my "spotty" mammogram. Can I just say that October is a horrible month to have a "spotty" mammogram...there are pink ribbons everywhere!!! There is no way a person can ignore breast cancer awareness in October.

A quick note! I almost forgot to announce the winner of my weekend giveaway! The winner of the Backyardigans book is "Country Mom"! Congratulations to you! I used to choose the winning number, and it chose #1 the first time. Nobody had 1, but "Country Mom" was the closest with the #3. She did go over, but you can't go under the #1! I did make it chose a second number, but the second choice was #2. "Country Mom" is still the winner! I will get your prize in the mail today!

That was my week, how about yours? Thanks so much for stopping by, and do have a great Monday!

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