Friday, November 6, 2009

The Twins...My First "Grandchildren" and Friday"s Giveaway

This weekend's giveaway prize is your choice of either one of these activity packs. It is a card board backpack filled with crayons, coloring sheets, stickers, and more. Just right for those cold or rainy days inside. All that you have to do to have a chance to win is tell me one thing that you learned from reading the post below. If your answer is different from anybody elses you will get two entries--so don't copy the previous comment! Good luck everyone, and thanks for stopping by...

When I quit my job as a paraprofessional at the elementary school, I decided to become a nanny. My daughter, Brandy, had a friend named Michelle, who had given birth to twin girls in May. I quit working at school in October. Brandy's friend was looking for a replacement nanny to begin in January, but when I became available, she went ahead and hired me early. I began my first experience at being a doting, spoiling MiMi.

The twins were just 5 months old when I began keeping them at their house. The picture above was taken just a few days after I began keeping them. I'd already began spoiling them...I gave them the rabbits that they have with them in the chair, and took the picture. In fact, I took tons of pictures of them over the months.

Their names were Jayla(left)and Mackenzie(right) and their personalities were as different as their looks. Jayla was a "content" baby, while Mackenzie was a demanding one. I learned a lot while being a nanny for those girls! I "tip my hat" to the parents of multiples. It's another whole ballgame! You learn to multi task very fast--something I am not very good at.

I loved the twins so much, that my husband Ed and I sometimes kept them on Saturday nights so the parents could have a night out. The girls couldn't say Ed, so they called my husband "E". That name stuck. Madison calls him "E", too. Jayla began calling me "MiMi" as soon as she could talk. That's how I came to be "MiMi".

I kept the twins until shortly after their second birthday on May 6th. By then, Madison had been born and was already 9 months old. I was feeling "torn" and also had a case of "burn out". I made the tough decision to retire and come home. I hated to do it, but I wanted more free time to see Madison, and my husband and I were also in the middle of building our new house--a "do it yourself" project.

So tearfully, I left my very first "grandchildren" whom I had spent the past 2 years nurturing and watching grow up. I left them in the care of their two aunts and their paternal grandmother. I rarely see them now, they are in school. Sadly, I am not sure that they even remember who I am. They will always hold a special place in my heart though, and I hope that someday they will realize that.
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~Sandy~ said...

I know now where you got "mimi".
I loved the adorable picture of the cute!!!! Twins are alot of work ,but they are alot of fun too.Great post and fun giveaway:)
*hugs* Sandy

Amanda said...

I think it's cute that they called your husband "E" and it stuck. My 2 year old can't say my 4 year old son's name (Brendan) so she called him "Bay" until recently when he became "Baydan"

rubynreba said...

Cool giveaway! The little twins are so cute.

bison61 said...

When you quit your job as a paraprofessional at the elementary school, you decided to become a nanny. the twins are so sweet

tiramisu392 (at)

lfhpueblo said...

Michelle hired you early when you became available.

P.S. If I should be lucky enough to win, I'd like the Puppy themed pack.
I used your google account entry method link to post my comment.
Lauralee Hensley

mom2boys said...

I learned that it was Jayla that began calling you 'MiMi'. They are so cute!


Yona Williams said...

The twin's birthday is May 6th. What cute pictures!

Email: yona(at)

Jessca said...

Your first grandchildren were twins you nannyed for.