Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Children Find Pleasure in the Strangest Things...

Can you look at Cade and see the joy on his little face? I only wish you could hear the chuckles coming from his mouth! He has the sweetest little chuckle. Can you see those little teeth on the bottom? He also has two new ones on the top!

After our mummy decorating contest Saturday night, we piled the toilet paper in the middle of the floor. Brad and his girlfriend began piling the paper on top of Madison and Cade. Cade immediately began to chuckle. I've never heard him laugh so much! This little game went on for several minutes before I grabbed my camera and snapped a couple of pictures.

This brings me to the point that sometimes a child would rather play with the box than the toy that comes inside of it! We all think that children must have the latest and greatest toys, when the truth is they can find joy in the simplest things, too. Have you given your child a roll of toilet paper lately?

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