Sunday, June 21, 2009

Caden at Two Months

About the time that Caden turned two months old, he began to interact with me. I can remember the first time that he smiled at me. I went to his house and played with him one afternoon while his mom did some chores. I bounced him in his bouncy seat and talked with him the whole time and he smiled. We had a great visit, and I was hooked.

I believe the picture in this post was made the very next time that I saw Cade. I was holding him and talking with him when someone snapped the picture. I liked it so much that I printed a 5x7 and framed it.

What is it about a baby's smile that tugs at the heart strings? We all do crazy faces and make crazy noises, just to see that beautiful smile. I guess those smiles are our little rewards for all of the dirty diapers, two a.m. feedings, and crying spells that we experience. Since I am a grandparent and don't deal with too many diapers and crying spells, I just say those smiles make getting old just a little more bearable...

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