Saturday, June 27, 2009

Gotta' Love a Kid With an Appetite

Just look at that face...we knew that Madison was going to like to eat way back then...

Can you tell that Madison really enjoyed her Fourth of July cupcake?

Madison is eating a grilled cheese sandwich with a side order of cheetos at MiMi's house!

From the time that Madison tasted her first spoonful of rice cereal, she has enjoyed eating. She was still quite small when she first noticed the smells of food cooking in her mother's kitchen and showed an interest. Brandy started sitting Madison in a high chair at the dinner table during mealtime. Soon Madison was sampling table food and loving it.

Madison would eat most anything that you put in front of her until around age 2. After that she became more picky, as most toddlers do. She would go through phases of having different favorite foods. Some of her past favorites have been fish sticks, french fries, grilled cheese sandwiches, and hamburgers. Her latest favorite is chicken, especially chicken nuggets. Some of her favorite snacks have been powdered doughnuts, moon pies, dora snacks, and cake. Madison still loves cake! She learned to say that word quite early, although it sounded like she was saying "cock".

Once Brandy and I went to a restaurant with Madison and were eating from the buffet. They have the most delicious chocolate layer cake at this restaurant and we always look forward to dessert. The whole time we were eating Madison kept saying "cock", "cock"! Brandy and I wanted to sink under the table...

Madison has never taken dainty bites or eaten like a lady. From the time she was able to feed herself, she would take HUGE bites and cram food in her mouth. I still tell her to take little bites and to "eat like a lady and not like a piggie." It's been a year and we're still struggling with that one! I have this image in my mind of the look on a future boyfriend's face while he is watching Madison eat...I'll keep working on it!!!

Just the other day, Madison was over at our house visiting. It was just about suppertime and her daddy came to get her. Of course, she wasn't ready to go. She came up to greet him and turned to walk back across the room to play some more. Her daddy said to her "I've got some chicken nuggets for you!" to which she quickly responded with an immediate U-turn. She was now ready to go home! You've gotta' love a kid with an appetite!

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