Thursday, June 25, 2009

Easter at MiMi and E's House

Christina, Madison, and Brandy are busy decorating Easter eggs!

Caden and MiMi are watching others color the eggs.

"I am the egg hunting champ--my bib says so!"

"Who needs an Easter Basket? I'm taking my eggs and leaving!

Christmas is my favorite holiday, but following a close second is Easter. Even after all of our children grew up, we continued to dye eggs. After everyone was all grown up we would use plastic eggs and put money and messages inside of them. We tried to be creative and funny with our messages, so even if you didn't find money, it was fun to read the message inside of the egg. We had fun! It's amazing to watch people scramble to find eggs when there is money involved..Now that we have Madison and Caden, the adults will just have to take a backseat and make room for the little ones...
This year Madison was actually old enough to enjoy coloring the eggs. She especially enjoyed throwing the eggs into the dye! Every time she put an egg in the cup, egg dye splashed everywhere! After throwing all of her eggs into the dye, she sort of lost interest until time to put the stickers on. She had no patience for waiting for the eggs to dye.
Caden was small and didn't really realize what was going on, but he joined us at the coloring table anyway. I suspect that he'll be throwing a few eggs of his own next year! This year he just watched the fun.
I always buy an assortment of egg coloring kits. I enjoy trying different methods of decorating eggs. While my eggs usually look like a first grader did them, Caden's mother, Christina, is creative and always does cute eggs. Now that Brandy has to help Madison with her eggs, her own creativity is somewhat limited. Christina will soon be in the same boat! Maybe then, my eggs will look the best...hey, I can dream!
We do have one Easter egg tradition at our house. Many years ago my daughter drew hair and a face on an egg, labeled it "Egg Head", and dyed it. For some reason that struck my mama funny! We always make an "Egg Head" in honor of my mother who has since passed away, and we always say "this one's for you grandma!"

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