Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just Can't Wait...

All three of my own children were placid babies. They were happy to stay pretty much in one place. Caden's daddy was a strong baby, rolling over from back to tummy at age 6 weeks, but he didn't walk until after he was a year old.
Caden seems like he just can't wait to do new things! I dont know if it's because he goes to daycare with his mama two days a week and is around other children a lot, or if it's just inherited.
I began to notice at about age 3 months that Caden seemed to be very strong and active with his body. He liked to be sitting up and looking around! His neck and back grew strong early. His eyes were always looking at everything.
Cade is not quite 4 months old in this photo, yet he is standing with a little help, and watching the other children play at the park. Impressive! Slow down, Caden...where's our little baby boy going? Caden is a multi-tasker, too, he's trying to suck his finger while standing and watching the children play...what a boy!

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